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The wedding dress

The wedding dress


Getting Ready C1X_3627C1X_3627

C1X_3653C1X_3653 C1X_3758C1X_3758 C2X_9218C2X_9218 C2X_9271C2X_9271

C1X_3740C1X_3740 C1X_3747C1X_3747

Bride and Groom portraitThe St. Regis New York

Wedding Ceremony C1X_4339C1X_4339 C1X_4352C1X_4352 Burst of emotionWedding Ceremony at Manhattan Penthouse C1X_4398Just marriedManhattan Penthouse Columbus DayThe St. Regis New York

C1X_4623First DanceManhattan Penthouse

Reception Manhattan Penthouse Wedding CakeManhattan Penthouse


Valentine's Day BONUS from PhotoByOxana A new deadline for this bonus - March 31!

What includes in a BONUS?

- One hour ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION, value $500 or discount $500 if you choose a Collection


- Digital files from ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION.

What conditions has to be done to GET BONUS?

- Book PhotoByOxana for your wedding day (requires a deposit). Book by February 28th by March 31, 2017, to enjoy the offer!

See Wedding Art Collections (Price list)

See Portfolio


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S & L The Wedding Tale S & L  The Wedding Day Tale in images.


C1X_5226C1X_5226 C1X_5282C1X_5282 C1X_5225C1X_5225 C1X_5454C1X_5454

C1X_5501-2C1X_5501-2 C2X_2623C2X_2623

C2X_2618C2X_2618 C2X_2633C2X_2633 C2X_2697C2X_2697

C1X_5646C1X_5646 C2X_2756C2X_2756 C2X_2783C2X_2783 C2X_2800-2C2X_2800-2 C1X_5702C1X_5702 C2X_2902C2X_2902 C2X_2948C2X_2948


C1X_5712C1X_5712 C1X_6202C1X_6202 ​​​​​​​

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New trendy additions to Wedding Art Collections New Year -   New trendy additions to Wedding Art Collections C2X_6897_peC2X_6897_pe

Do you like to be in a trend?   As you already may know that "Heritage and back-to-roots themed weddings" is one of the trends of 2017. So, I have been added changes in my packages "Wedding Art Collections 2017".

The most trendy addition I included is the "Families' Histories Album". This is the top of the line quality Album with old ancestry images, which tell the stories of two families: the Bride's family and the Groom's family. This Album has to be done before the wedding day, so you can present it at reception when your guest can look at. This is definitely "back-to-roots" gift to yourself and to your families. 

Also, I did add to my Wedding Art Collections two dedicated designs for parents Albums, one for the Bride's Parents and one for the Groom's Parents.

The both additions support the "back-to-root" trend and they are still unique among NJ, NY, NYC wedding photographers. 

As usual in my Collections, you can find options to add Engagement session, the second photographer, Wedding Albums, Wall prints etc. 

Every package of 2017 Wedding Art Collections includes:
  Online gallery with an option of prints ordering
  Set of “Thank you” cards.
  High-resolution files

I believe people create trends so ask me what you would like to add in your Wedding Art Collection!

Collections are starting from $4500.
Call me to discuss details.

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Happy Holidays!
     May God

spread prosperity and joy in Your life on this New Year

and Fulfill all Your Dreams!



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Christmas Special Last minute Christmas Gift. 
Are you still need a Gift for your family, parents or friends and have no time to run shopping? One that will be bringing the family together and will be enjoyed for years?
I have a magic option for you - a Family Portrait Certificate from Oxana Tarynina, Certified Professional Photographer aka PhotoByOxana.

Special: $250

Buy it online, print, gift! It's easy! 


This Special available only up to Jan.15, 2017.

This means you can buy it only before Jan 15, and appointment for Family Portrait photo session (to redeem this Certificate) has to be scheduled before 03/31/2017.

Link to buy:

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One wedding at NJ, NYC and at between...  St. John the Evangelist Church NYC, Pier A Hoboken, Pier 13 Hoboken, The yacht. C1X_4607C1X_4607 C1X_4615C1X_4615 C1X_4542C1X_4542 C1X_4764C1X_4764 C1X_4776C1X_4776 C1X_4831C1X_4831 C1X_4870C1X_4870 C1X_5165C1X_5165 C2X_5731C2X_5731 C1X_5169C1X_5169 C1X_5410C1X_5410

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K&M wedding day in photographs. What I like in "Celebrate at Snug Harbor" venue?  A lot of options for the beautiful and natural background! The beautiful couple in gorgeous place, what else I can dream about? Only about air conditioning :)))

C1X_6412C1X_6412 C1X_6438C1X_6438 C2X_6762C2X_6762 C2X_6809C2X_6809 C2X_6813C2X_6813 C2X_6826C2X_6826 C2X_6899C2X_6899 C1X_6497C1X_6497 C1X_6638C1X_6638 C2X_6954C2X_6954 C2X_7022C2X_7022 C1X_6666C1X_6666 C2X_7442C2X_7442 C2X_7452C2X_7452 C2X_7453C2X_7453 C2X_7468C2X_7468 C2X_7649C2X_7649 C1X_6988C1X_6988 C1X_7015C1X_7015 C1X_7286C1X_7286

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8 + 1 Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Professional Before Booking Them

"8 Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Professional Before Booking Them"

by Stephanie Padovani

and 1 Question from me only for Wedding Photographers

   "Hiring the right team is critical to planning your dream wedding…and it can also be quite stressful.
How do you find the right match for you? How do you know whom to trust? Where do you go for
   First of all, this is not an easy task and it’s totally normal for couples to feel overwhelmed, frustrated
or confused. It’s not like you plan a wedding every day! This is all probably brand new to you, so be patient with
A few tips to finding the right ones for you…
   Do Your Homework. You’ll get much more out of a meeting or conversation with a wedding
professional if you do a little background homework first.
Spend some time on the internet or talking to friends who’ve recently been married. Find out the
average prices in your area and what services are available. Get an idea of what you like and don’t
like. Wedding websites and chat rooms can be a great resource. This way when you meet with a
wedding professional you’ll be able to ask better questions and have an idea of what to look out for.
Meet With Them. An in-person meeting is the best way to interview a potential wedding vendor. It
lets you get the full experience of their personality style and professionalism. If that’s not possible,
have a phone or Skype conversation.
   Ask Questions. There are no stupid questions! Make sure you get clear, specific answers to your
questions. If you aren't sure what something means, ask them to clarify. Keep asking questions until
you completely understand.
If a wedding vendor has a problem with you asking questions, they probably aren’t the one for you.
The best wedding professionals are patient, understanding and take the time to help you make the
best choices for your wedding.
   Listen. Don’t just hear the words they say, really listen. Watch the vendor’s body language. Are
they confident and comfortable with their response? Do they look and sound nervous? Do you get a
“funny feeling” about them? Take all the sights, sounds and feelings into account along with their
responses; if your gut tells you something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.
   Check References. Portfolios are hand-picked to show off the best work, but they may not
represent the “average” wedding performance. Videos are edited for the optimum presentation. But
real referrals from satisfied clients are hard to fake.
Call up both client and professional references. Ask questions and use those listening skills. Even if
they give a rave review, you’ll often be able to “read between the lines” if there were any issues or
Ask around and search the internet for reviews. Check the Better Business Bureau for any
outstanding complaints against the business. Weigh all of this information into your choices.
   Here are 8 Must Ask Questions to ask ALL your potential wedding professionals before

1. How many weddings do you do per year? How much experience do you have?
This is an extremely important question. Ideally, your wedding professional should have
ample experience specifically with weddings, but not be doing so many that personal
attention to each client is compromised. Not only will they be more skilled in their craft, this
also, makes them a valuable source of information and ensures that your wedding day goes
2. How much do you cost?
Price is often relative, especially when you factor in experience, reputation and expert skill.
Generally, the most talented professionals have a higher price tag because they are worth it.
3. How much is the deposit/booking fee?
4. What specifically is included in that cost?
Because packages often vary, it’s likely that you won’t be able to compare one vendor
exactly to the next without doing a little figuring. The lowest cost isn’t necessarily the best
deal; some higher quotes include services that you have to pay extra for in other packages.
Make sure you take this into account.
5. What happens if I cancel? What happens if you cancel?
Find out if your deposit is refundable under any conditions. Does the wedding professional
have a backup plan if something happens to them?
6. Do you use a contract?
If the answer is No, RUN! A contract is designed to protect both you and the wedding
professional. Don’t settle for a verbal agreement that won’t hold up in court.
7. Are there any additional fees?
Taxes, service charges, and travel fees can add up quickly. Make sure you understand exactly
what is included and if there are any other fees you’ll have to pay. This should be clearly
defined in your contract.
8. Do you carry professional indemnity and liability insurance?
The answer you’re looking for here is Yes. This protects you in case an unfortunate accident
should occur on your wedding day. It’s also a sign that this is a reputable business since
most “fly by night” operations don’t invest in insurance."

+1. Special question for wedding photographers.
 Are you a Certified Professional Photographer?
If answer Yes, it's good, because Certified Professional Photographers Give You:

- Consistency. Certified Professional Photographers know how to achieve great results — every time.
- Technical Skills. Certified Professional Photographers are more than picture takers. They are students of art, lighting, posing, fashion and even interior design.
- Unique Artistry. Certified Professional Photographers have the skills to create unique, customized works of art—not cookie-cutter pictures. They follow an artistic vision.
It’s your story captured as a collection of art.
- Professionalism. When you hire a Certified Professional Photographer, you know you’re
getting someone who is willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible images.


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I would never recognize a Russian Orthodox church in Hackettstown NJ I would never recognize a Russian Orthodox church in this church if I just drove past. There is no large onion dome, there are no words like "Russian Orthodox". The sign reads only "Eastern Orthodox Church. Elevation of the Holy Cross Church". I knew that there is a Russian Orthodox church in Hackettstown NJ so I began to look closely. My eyes immediately find familiar features: a small bar at the bottom of the cross; a small, but nevertheless onion dome; a beautiful birch tree at the entrance of the church, and most importantly I saw: "Pierogi sale on Sunday". It neither mattered that they really sold dumplings or pastries, just the word was so familiar to me nor it mattered that church fronts don’t look like that in Russia, but for New Jersey that was a sign of Russian Orthodox. I will have to come back on a Sunday to try the pierogi, enjoy the view inside, to see how the light falls through the beautiful stained glass windows. I think that this church is worth checking out if you are planning a small or medium size wedding in a rustic style.  There is a parking lot for about 50 cars. Beautiful trees around. Even more: there are two nice parks within a 10-minute drive from the church - Stephens and Allamuchy Mountain State Parks. It seems like this spot was created for wedding photographs! And one more secret tip - there is a nice and fancy coffee shop on the same street, just half a mile from the church - Greene's Beans Cafe.

Elevation of the Holy Cross ChurchRussian Orthodox church, Hackettstown NJ. Elevation of the Holy Cross ChurchRussian Orthodox church, Hackettstown NJ. Elevation of the Holy Cross ChurchRussian Orthodox church, Hackettstown NJ. Elevation of the Holy Cross ChurchRussian Orthodox church, Hackettstown NJ. Elevation of the Holy Cross ChurchRussian Orthodox church, Hackettstown NJ. Elevation of the Holy Cross ChurchRussian Orthodox church, Hackettstown NJ. Elevation of the Holy Cross ChurchRussian Orthodox church, Hackettstown NJ. Greene's Beans Cafe Greene's Beans Cafe Stephens State Park Stephens State Park

]]> (PhotoByOxana) . Greene's Beans Cafe Orthodox Russian Russian Orthodox church Stephens State Park church photobyoxana photographs" place for wedding Sat, 09 Jul 2016 03:59:33 GMT
Happy Victory Day! 1016919_777125495639702_5291654289940063837_n1016919_777125495639702_5291654289940063837_n 0_114909_518059c8_XL0_114909_518059c8_XL

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Do you know "100-Year Archive Dilemma" is not resolved yet?.. Just recently I read a very interesting article about difficulties of storing digital movies comparing with film movies "Will Today’s Digital Movies Exist in 100 Years?" (read more about this).  It surprisingly says it is easier save film movies for a century than digital ones, due to software upgrades. It's called "100-Year Archive Dilemma".

What does it means for you and your wedding images? It means if you would like to archive your wedding digital images for more then 10-20 years, nobody can guarantee  that in 10-20 years new versions of a program will be  be able to read your images files. And you will have only disk or a flash or cloud storage  with nonsense files ...

"The software that created the data has limited backward compatibility, so newer versions of a program may not be able to read data stored under older versions."* (read more about)

Even more, you can't rely 100 percent on online archiving services even for a couple of years. For example, once popular Web site where professional photographers archived and sold their photos, is now gone, completely. Shockingly, they informed user to download images in 24 hours and totally shut down service after just 10 hours(!). It was a Digital Railroad...** (read more about)

So, until now the most reliable way for images archive is PROFESSIONAL LAB PRINTs. (And most beautiful, too :))
That is why I always suggest include professional photo book/album with archive quality photos in your wedding photo package.
And  if you are a person who care about your legacy you definitely will appreciate it over time again and again.


]]> (PhotoByOxana) . 100-Year Archive Dilemma archive quality prints wedding images archive Thu, 05 May 2016 05:04:11 GMT
Please check out our new free service - Photo Gift Registry


Now you can use a free Photo Gift Registry service when you book your wedding day photography with PhotoByOxana.
Beautiful artwork from your wedding day or extra hours of photo coverage  - we will add all options you like to the Photo Gift Registry.
Help your guests make gifts you will adore!
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- What King Arthur was not able to left as a legacy for his children, but you can? - Photo album, even his own photo... )))

Do you know, that earliest photo albums were produced in the 1860s and initially were designed with thick leather covers and gilded gold pages?

Velvet, various metals, glass and mirrors, coupled with embossing, were used to create more elaborate designs...

 Can you guess what usually was placed at that time on the opening page? Guess and leave a comment! ;) 

For those who believe that family photos are family legacy, who shares the view that the wedding album is a valuable part of family history, I present a new photo album!

Various of leather, metal (with printed photo on it), or acrylic covers. Thick pages, gilded with gold, silver (and different colors) pages!

Can't offer gems still..., but all will be ahead, right?

Anyway, this photo albums better that though made in 1860... Because images are printed on a pages, they can not fall down, they can't be lost!

Can you imagine a photo prints quality in 1860th? No way! I offer new best in industry professional print quality.

Ok, lets start, offer of this week (from Apr.1 to Apr. 8, 2016):

Legacy package $3700 (normal price $4500):

  • The Legacy Photo Album 10'x10' (40 pages)
    (Premium leather, metal, or acrylic covers of your choice. Thick pages, gilded...)

  • 8 hours coverage of the wedding day;

  • 700+ images downloadable from my website.

  • Image2Image2


]]> (PhotoByOxana) . King Arthur Legacy Photo Album Premium leather cover acrylic covers earliest photo albums gilded pages metal album cover Thu, 31 Mar 2016 05:17:23 GMT
What can you expect from me as your wedding photographer?  

The Booking Process:
When you’ve had a look at my website and blog and you love my images and style as a wedding photographer, it’s time to get in touch.
Call me (908)432-1572 or use "Request Quote" form and we will set up a personal or "via Skype" online (free) consultation. 

If you’d like to go ahead and book me as your wedding photographer, all it takes is your signed Agreement and non-refundable booking fee and we’re off!
(Booking Fee = ¼ of the Agreement amount. Booking Fee is a non-refundable. The Booking fee is part of the Agreement Amount.)

From the day when you book me as your wedding photographer up until your wedding day, I am always available to chat through any of your questions, either by email, phone or Facebook.

Your Wedding day:
On the morning of your wedding day I will arrive and after a hug, I will quietly blend into the background and start capturing all the beautiful details and your preparations.
After this, we will follow the timeline. After the ceremony and formal (groups) images, we will do short (about 20-30 min.) session
just of the two of you, will show just how gorgeous you two look together on your special day. 

After Your Wedding:
It takes me around 4 weeks to edit your images. Once your images are ready, you’ll be able to view and download them in your very own online wedding gallery. For your convenience we will provide you an a-la-carte option to order from the gallery a variety of professional quality prints,  photo books, even memorabilia and t-shirts with your images. In wedding collections 2017 "Thank you" cards are included.

Sure you will be able to order custom design photo books, photo albums, framed prints offline as well by calling me.

Please feel free to share your online images and tag your family and friends and I would love it if you tagged PhotoByOxana too.


]]> (PhotoByOxana) custom design photo books . After Your Wedding Booking Process PhotoByOxana as your wedding photographer What can you expect Your Wedding day online wedding gallery your wedding photographer Sun, 28 Feb 2016 02:51:11 GMT
What your photo book will look like? What kind photo books PhotoByOxana offer?


  • Square,
  • Landscape;


  • 10'x10' for newlyweds;
  • 8'x8'  extra copes;
  • 8'x12' for newlyweds;
  • 8'x10' extra copes;
  • Designable hardcover. With your image in it. Smooth to the touch with a sheen to the eye.
  • Fabric with wide variations of colors.
  • Genuine Leather. Available in four colors.

Seamless lay-flat simply allows you to enjoy and admire the entire, complete image.

  To see a  Sample use this link with designable hardcover

                  Sample with leather  cover 

C2X_1752-RSC2X_1752-RS C2X_1761-RSC2X_1761-RS

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Full day wedding in photographs, 2015
The Palace at Somerset Park  - is a beautiful wedding venue with a lot of places for capture the entire wedding day.

The Palace at Somerset Park  weddingThe Palace at Somerset Park weddingNight image at
The Palace at Somerset Park wedding

]]> (PhotoByOxana) All wedding day images Full day wedding images PhotoByOxana Full day wedding in photographs Full day wedding pics Photos of The Palace at Somerset Park The Palace at Somerset Park wedding images at The Palace at Somerset Park Sun, 24 Jan 2016 23:47:33 GMT
Bridal Expo! Let's meet January 31, Hyatt Regency Morristown.  Are you engaged? 

Let's meet 31 of January 1 PM at Bridal Expo, 
Hyatt Regency Morristown!
]]> (PhotoByOxana) 31 of January Bridal Expo Fri, 15 Jan 2016 20:50:23 GMT
Make Your Gift Personal with PhotoByOxana  

Black Friday deals on

Make Your Gift Personal with PhotoByOxana

Now on Sale:

Greeting card set of 25
Premium Panoramic Photo Books
16"x 20"Framed print (with facial retouching)
16" x 20"Framed collage
T-shirts with your image

To get deals go to your photo gallery.


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