Спасибо большое за фотографии!!! Получилось огонь)))
Елена Гордеева(non-registered)
Оксана, вы настоящий профессионал!
Спасибо огромное!
Anna Krikunova(non-registered)
Оксаночка, спасибо вам огромное за портретные фото. Муж в восторге, дети сказали, что я очень красивая. Фотографии живые, естественные. Спасибо.
Nina Enin(non-registered)
Dear Oxana!
Thanks for the great job making our family
pictures. Combination of composition, light and posture
is nearly perfect. Thanks for the great job and outstanding patience
working with customers!
Regine Albrecht(non-registered)
Thanks so much for the wonderful photos for my website. You made the whole picture taking process and the preparation very easy and fun, too. You helped me with the color for clothing, you pointed out what would work and what would not work so well in such photos, and most importantly, you made it fun so that I was relaxed.
Thanks a million! I am excited to get my website up and running and use your photos.
Rachel and Josef(non-registered)
I felt very comfortable working with Oxana. There was no pressure and it didn't take us much time to adjust to the photo shoot process. I liked those photos very much and I would really recommend her if you want to have a very relaxing day and great memories.
Phylis Tranotti(non-registered)
Thank you for already sending the photos you have sent! You were fabulous! I saw you all over, but you were so unobtrusive, just quietly going about taking photos. Pictures are nice and I'm more than thrilled.
I can say without a doubt that I am happy to use you again for photographic events.

Phylis Tranotti
Executive Vice President
Fellowship Senior Living
Angela and Mark(non-registered)
Thank you for your assistance during our wedding. You were wonderful!
Mark and I look forward to seeing our pictures. We know they will be beautiful.
Dear Oxana!
It's amazing!
I was about to talk eternal nonsense (like I didn't want to be photographed and that I'm not good in the pictures, that it's not my cup of tea)...
BUT! What I see is fantastic! I love myself in your pics and the way you take them!
You're a wizard! You're a professional!
These are the best photos ever!
Thanks a lot!
Дорогая Оксана!
Это обалденно.
Я готова говорить вечные глупости, что я не хотела фотографироваться, что я не получаюсь на фото, что это не мое...
НО! То, что я вижу,- это фантастика! Я сама себе ОЧЕНЬ нравлюсь!
Ты - волшебница! Ты - профессионал!
Это лучшие фотки в моей жизни!
Спасибо огромное!
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