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How to choose the wedding photographer

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How to choose the wedding photographer

Just two cents from me

One  main things what you have to think about - find a photographer you will feel comfortable with at your most important day.

Of course, it has to be a photographer whose images you love! Let’s imagine, you have a photographer with pictures impressed you, with reasonable price.

How to understand the photographer is good for you?

At first you have to meet with photographer in personal.

Most of wedding photographers will be happy to meet with you. Only big photo companies will not let you to meet your photographer. Why? Because they are working with a photographers as  subcontractors.  And as subcontractor, a photographer can reject this assignment at last minute if he (she) got own booking. Sure, a big company able to find another photographer last minute, BUT you will never know who it will be. You will never know with who you will interact most of your wedding day, you never even saw his (her) images before. And I don’t think you would like to have this kind of surprise at your wedding day.

At personal meeting ask a lot of questions! Ask about what you really interested in and try to feel how easy for you to communicate with this person. If you thing that you are doing well together, go to next step.

Next step is Engagement photo session. This is a great tool to proof you did choose a right photographer for you.

At engagement photo session you will interact and communicate with photographer when hi (she) is working. It means you will see how he (she) will to pose and advise you. Remember that wedding day shooting includes a preparation part and keep in mind that you will be captured during dressing up. So, make sure you are comfort about this as well.

 You will understand if this process is fun or uncomfortable for you. And as a result you will get images and you will realize if you like them or not! I believe this is a best time to make a decision (about wedding photographer) to be more confident at your wedding day.

Just make sure you have purchased a separate paid engagement photo session that does not obligate you to buy wedding package.

It can save you a lot!



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