PhotoByOxana | - What King Arthur was not able to left as a legacy for his children, but you can?

- What King Arthur was not able to left as a legacy for his children, but you can?

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- Photo album, even his own photo... )))

Do you know, that earliest photo albums were produced in the 1860s and initially were designed with thick leather covers and gilded gold pages?

Velvet, various metals, glass and mirrors, coupled with embossing, were used to create more elaborate designs...

 Can you guess what usually was placed at that time on the opening page? Guess and leave a comment! ;) 

For those who believe that family photos are family legacy, who shares the view that the wedding album is a valuable part of family history, I present a new photo album!

Various of leather, metal (with printed photo on it), or acrylic covers. Thick pages, gilded with gold, silver (and different colors) pages!

Can't offer gems still..., but all will be ahead, right?

Anyway, this photo albums better that though made in 1860... Because images are printed on a pages, they can not fall down, they can't be lost!

Can you imagine a photo prints quality in 1860th? No way! I offer new best in industry professional print quality.

Ok, lets start, offer of this week (from Apr.1 to Apr. 8, 2016):

Legacy package $3700 (normal price $4500):

  • The Legacy Photo Album 10'x10' (40 pages)
    (Premium leather, metal, or acrylic covers of your choice. Thick pages, gilded...)

  • 8 hours coverage of the wedding day;

  • 700+ images downloadable from my website.

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