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An extensive collection of antique European "grandfather" clocks, also called longcase or tallcase clocks, made between the mid 1700s and the 1860s. All clocks are in running order.
Most of the longcase clocks were made in he United Kingdom but there is also a traditional Dutch longcase
clock from about 1810 as well as three French Comtoise (or Morbier) clocks in their original pine cases.
Almost without exception, English longcase clocks with a brass dial are pre-1800. After that they have painted
("japanned') dials. All dials carry the name of the clockmaker and his place of residence. I have personally selected and imported these clocks from Europe and subsequently restored their movements and cases- where necessary.
The majority of the clocks have 8-day movements but a few run for 30 hours. Most cases are made of solid or
veneered mahogany; others are made of oak or pine.
I also have a number of English, American and Dutch wall clocks, as well as three original American cabinet phonographs from the early 1900s (with 78 rpm records).
You can contact me by e-mail if you wish to have a personal look at my collection. I live in northern New Jersey and will deliver a clock and set it up in your house if you live within a range of 60 miles of my residence.
All clock movements come with a six months' guarantee.

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